Captain Earth Episode #06

This is Mr. Masaki Kube, the CEO of Macbeth Enterprise who is instrumental of the Kivotos Plan, which letting Amara and Moco eradicate weak humans while letting the chosen few survive after Earth is destroyed.

Sure that he’s the baddest CEO ever, but I think the Kill-T Gang will just use him for their own gains!

Meanwhile, Mr. Salty Dog is back and he took Hana as hostage. Well, give me a fuckin’ break…

Luckily, Daichi has a boomerang… and boomerang wins the fight. As much as I hate him, I think Mr. Salty Dog needs to be killed off!

And now it’s time for an epic hug! You deserve a reward, Daichi!

Then again, he’s too early for that. Restraint Daichi, restraint! Oh well, off to the next episode as things are getting more serious…

Like having a crystal formed at the other side of the moon, which serves as a beacon for Kill-T Gang as well as sucking out libido from hapless humans whenever they accidentally touch it. Yeah, it’s gonna suck for Globe!

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