Mekaku City Actors Episode #05

Well Shintaro, looks like you have a bad timing there! Blame Ene for being trolled!

Regardless, he and his virtual buddy are now official members of the Mekakushi Gang!

Meanwhile, Shintaro can’t catch a break as he met Konoha while saving…

…Hiyori Asahina and Hibiya Amamiya? Okay, Hiyori is alive but Hibiya? I mean, I saw him get run over by a truck and died last week!

Well, it turns out that it was a dream for some odd reason. It could be that it something to do with the power of someone’s eyes. Regardless, there’s still many mysteries left to be resolved.

Such as Kido’s best friend Ayano committing suicide prior to this series. That’s a handful of mysteries waiting to be revealed in future episodes.

Then again, SHAFT might screw this one up and turn this Kagerou Project anime into an acid trip galore with plots left hanging. I don’t want that to happen!

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