Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #06

So, the girl that was appeared last week has a name. She’s Mei Daimyouzamurai, and she can see flags like Souta.

Although, I still believe that she could be an adversary later on…

Meanwhile, Souta is having a field trip together with his party. But you know what, let me ask you which one would you like to prefer. Do you like Megumu…

…and his cute and sexy ass? C’mon, I know you like cute traps like him!

Or, do you prefer Tsumugi and her huge boobies in a loli body?

Okay, Tsumugi is actually older that she look. But hey, I heard that you like oppai lolis, you bastards!

Regardless, Souta is having a good time.

Scratch that, he can’t enjoy the beach ’cause he has a traumatic past when he’s the only survivor of the Premium Ambriel ferry disaster!

Speaking of disasters, this girl named Kurumiko Daishikyougawa lost her parents during that said ferry disaster.

Good thing Souta adopted her as his little sister ’cause Kurumiko needs to be hugged badly for losing her parents. Oh, and she almost died if it wasn’t for Souta’s intervention.

Anyways, this series reaches its halfway point as Souta needs to find a party member to save his life. Maybe next episode, they’ll introduce one!

Oh wait, there’s one but it seems that it’s unidentified yet at the end of this episode!

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