Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #06

It’s time for both parties to exchange their Chaikas back. You know that they don’t want Tohru and Akari dealing with Chaika Bohdan anymore and vice-versa.

But suddenly, flocks of cockatrices attacked both parties, trying to capture both Chaikas alive!

Man, I wonder who will do such a thing since those cockatrices are being controlled?

Oh wait, it’s those Gillette guys who is responsible for this mess! Way to mess up the prisoner exchange, bastards!

Meanwhile, Frederica is back and she’s going to help Tohru and Akari out with the prisoner exchange. Good thing she’s back ’cause Frederica is so cute to be thrown away!

Eventually, they got Chaika Trabant back with Frederica acting as Akari (See the cat tail? That’s Frederica!) while the real Akari patrols the area against the Restoration Agency and some backstabbers.

Yeah, I think the prisoner exchange is a success!

Unfortunately, David and his sniper partner Selma have decided to steal their remains ’cause there could only be one Chaika to rule them all. Yeah, screw camaraderie between parties!

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode… And by the way, Chaika Trabant’s adventure will continue on the second half this Fall 2014. You know that 12 episodes is not enough, but then again it would suck bad unless BONES tries to slow the adaptation down!

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2 Responses to Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #06

  1. dyingearth says:

    Correction. During the second exchange, Akari went after Selma, as the White team clearly realize that Red team only have their lancer on hand.

    Also during the ambush, very first thing Akari did is to kick White Chaika off the carriage, thus off the line of sight of Selma’s sniping. She then went after Selma.

    In all, well thought out battles.

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