Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #06

It’s nice to know that Lize can be beautiful by changing her hairstyle! Then again, her co-workers Cocoa-chan and Chino-chan are oblivious to Lize’s new look ’cause no one would recognize her… Well, except for Tippy.

Anyways, seems that Maya-chan and Megu-chan have returned after last week’s episode. Now, these two became little sisters to both Cocoa and Lize-san.

On the other hand, seems that Chino-chan is getting jealous that both Cocoa and Lize are busy doting on her two middle school friends.

But don’t worry, Cocoa will be your sister even though you’re just denying it. Maybe on the next episode, you’ll change your views on Cocoa and you’ll start calling her “Onee-chan!” afterwards.

Oh yes, and before I end this post, let’s introduce to you to a novelist called “Blue Mountain” Aoyama. She appeared last week and she’s an old acquaintance to Chino’s grandfather.

Then again, she won’t believe that Chino’s grandpa has turned into a fluffy Angora rabbit! But hey, at least Tippy inspired Aoyama to make a novel about a barista turned into a rabbit.

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