Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode #07

You know what Yuzuki, you should kill Kazuki’s acquaintances, rape your brother, then kill him and yourself so you won’t suffer anymore after losing three times.

Better yet, just quit playing WIXOSS while you still can!

Anyways, today’s episode is where Ruko and her LRIG Tama challenged Iona and Ulith. Also, it was revealed that Iona challenged Hitoe which resulted with Hitoe losing her LRIG and her wish becoming tainted.

Now I feel that Iona is the real threat in WIXOSS!

Oh, and to make matters worse, Iona is a blood knight who likes to battle for the thrill of it.

Well, it’s all thanks to Ulith for motivating Iona to become the unkempt warrior with lust for power. Oh yes, and her speech about battling without wishes is blasphemy? Guess what, Iona is a hypocrite ’cause she might not have wishes just like Ruko. Fuck, this is so irritating, yet mind-blown at the same time!

Anyways, the battle abruptly halted because Iona’s manager calling her for a photoshoot. Good thing it was stopped ’cause you might see Ruko losing to a fellow blood knight like Iona.

And speaking of Iona, this is how Akira look after being defeated by her rival. God, I have a bad feeling about this next week since she retains her memories as a Selector!

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