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Mekaku City Actors Episode #06

Oh look, it’s Ene and she’s not a virus program/smartphone assistant app. But hey, at least Ene has a friend named Haruka (or Konoha onwards), and she’s good at playing shooting games such as Dead Bullet.

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Kimi no Iru Machi Episode #14

Hey guys, let’s accept that this final OVA is all about Rin and her failed attempt at dating her senior, let alone getting raped. To be honest, I feel that it’s unnecessary. Oh right, this episode contains the epilogue of … Continue reading

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Captain Earth Episode #07

Well, there’s nothing more to say about Moco’s assets! On the other hand, it was revealed that both of them are designer children from the Macbeth Enterprises. Still, they’re just going to use CEO Kube for their plans ’cause he’s … Continue reading

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #07

Hey guys and girls, they’re going on a field trip to Blanche’s secret hideout… …with special guest, Takeaki Kirihara of the kenjutsu club. Well, I guess Blanche will be stomped hard on the episode!

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