Captain Earth Episode #07

Well, there’s nothing more to say about Moco’s assets! On the other hand, it was revealed that both of them are designer children from the Macbeth Enterprises.

Still, they’re just going to use CEO Kube for their plans ’cause he’s a gullible bastard!

Anyways, it’s another routine mission for Daichi as he’s going to fight against not one…

…but two Kill-T Gang mechas. Sorry Daichi, but you won’t survive with Amara and Moco ganging you up!

Fortunately, there’s Teppei Arashi and his Albion saving the day. However, he decides to sacrifice himself for his friend.

Well, at least both Kill-T Gang mechas are destroyed once again.

As for Teppei, not only he survived but he got a Livlaster of his own. Still, he won’t be piloting the Albion ’cause his Ego Block got destroyed. I guess Globe needs to make another Earth Engine secretly…

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode. And from now on, Daichi will lead his friends as Captain Earth of the Midsummer Knights. Man, it should be Captain Earth and the Planeteers!

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