Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #07

Hey guys and girls, they’re going on a field trip to Blanche’s secret hideout…

…with special guest, Takeaki Kirihara of the kenjutsu club. Well, I guess Blanche will be stomped hard on the episode!

Anyways, this is Hajime Tsukasa, the true leader of the Blanche organization who is responsible for attacking First High School.

Oh, and he’s responsible for using his brother Kinoe and Sayaka Mibu to do his bidding with the use of hypnotism.

Unfortunately, there’s one problem to his hypnotic magic trick. It’s ineffective against Tatsuya Shiba who can analyze magic sequence on the fly and render it useless.

So I guess that it’s the end of Hajime Tsukasa. However, Tatsuya won’t deliver the coup de grace on this terrorist leader…

It’s gonna be Captain Kirihara’s job to finish him off! Don’t worry, he just cut Hajime’s arm so that terrorist will live behind bars.

Anyways, Blanche is over thanks to those meddling kids from First High School. However, they only just destroy the Japanese Branch of that organization so they’re still at large.

As for some students that are responsible for the attack including Mibu-sempai, they were cleared of charges because they learned that their memories were tampered by Hajime Tsukasa.

Well, I still can’t forgive his brother Kinoe for brainwashing Sayaka in the first place. But hey, all’s well that ends well. By the way, Captain Kirihara has a crush on Mibu-sempai.

So I guess it’s the end of the first arc of Mahouka. However, there’s still more to come like Tatsuya and Miyuki having to deal with the Yotsuba clan.

In fact, they’re once part of the clan before some shit happened prior to the start of this series. So, ask the matriarch of the Yotsuba clan to find out.

Oh yes, and there’s a new character approaching which would become Tatsuya’s greatest rival. If you heard Masaki’s voice at the end of this episode, you’re about to know that he’s a Kirito clone, using a handgun in place of a sword. Can’t wait for the confrontation!

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