Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #07

And you though that this character appeared at the end of Ep. 6 is a new one? Too bad, it’s just Megumu!

Sorry, but you just got Dio Brando’d! You know, Dio is a jerk and sometimes a troll too!

Anyways, Kurumiko has officially joined Souta as a sub-member of Quest Hall. But, he will take a hard time putting Kurumiko to Hatagaya Academy.

Well, he could just convince Student Council President Mimori Seiteikouji to enroll his adopted sister during a date…

…or do the easy route by letting Mei hack the records and let Mimori cover it up. Yeah, you don’t need to do the hard route, just hack your way to your dreams.

Speaking of Mei, she transported Souta to another dimension where he doesn’t exist, and most of the cast died ’cause no one will break their death flags!

Well, there’s one instance where Souta help change someone’s destiny. By the way, that girl is none other than Miyuki MacKenzie, who became the main character of the alternate world.

Anyways, it’s a good thing that Souta can still change their fate in any world…

However, he can’t cheat death ’cause Souta will die on this episode. Sorry, I guess it’s farewell to Souta-kun!

Oh wait, there’s still one way to do it… Quick Mei, grab his death flag and yank it away to save him!

Well, it works but she just suppress it for the time being.

With that said, Souta Hatate lived to see another day thanks to Mei Daimyouzamurai. Good job, Mei!

Unfortunately for Mei, her role has ended thanks to Sakura (or Sacrament) erasing her memories. I guess she’s implying that Souta should find the secrets of the world by himself. But hey, at least Mei isn’t an enemy!

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