Little Busters! EX Episode #04

And now, it’s time to finish Saya’s story arc… for reals this time! As you may know from Ep. 3, it was revealed that it was set in a time loop and it’s up to Riki to break it.

But first, let’s give an insight to Saya for one last time. Well, it was a case of “I knew it!” as Saya met Riki-kun when they were kids.

Unfortunately, she was killed in a landslide, meaning that Saya is dead way before the series began. But hey, Kyousuke’s world is a purgatory so life goes on for Saya-chan.

But then again, Saya decides to screw destiny and tries to change it by fighting Kyousu- I mean, Shun Tokikaze with Riki-kun acting as a decoy/shield. Really Saya, do you think that Riki can revive himself after a fatal gunshot?

But hey, at least they defeated the big boss of the Executives. Way to go Saya and Riki for breaking the time, and now it’s time to find the treasure…

And the treasure is revealed to be a bio-weapon, where Saya uses it to disappear from the afterlife. Dammit, why do you have to do this when you can find another treasure that can save your past self from disaster!?

Oh yes, and it was also revealed that Aya, Saya’s past self, has merged with the main character from a manga called “School Revolution”. Seriously, this is so mind-blowing than the rest of the arc!

But alas, it’s time for Saya to pass on and rest in peace as demonstrated by shooting herself to the head. I guess that she’s gone for good… Or is it?

In fact, it was revealed that Saya is alive with the power of Kyousuke’s deus ex machina. Hurray!

However, I don’t think that she’s truly alive with just a flick of a finger by Kyousuke ’cause Saya might be dead all along no matter what he do to resurrect someone. In my opinion, Saya could just reincarnate herself just like Angel Beats!

But that’s the end of Saya’s story arc. A dark and interesting tale where you might knock your socks off with gunfights, love, and plot twists… lots and lots of plot twists! Good job Key and J.C.Staff!

Now that one extra heroine is already covered, it’s time for the remaining heroines to shine like Sasami Sasasegawa and Kanata Futaki.

However, with 4 episodes left, I think J.C.Staff should make a plan on whether to cover both heroines with two episodes each, or choose one heroine and cover her arc into 3 episodes, leaving the remaining heroine with just one episode.

Anyways, next time will cover Sasami’s route… and I hope she’s not gonna do the “Nico Nico Nii~!” stance ’cause she’s not Nico Yazawa!

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