Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #19

Well it looks like Hideyoshi is safe, and it’s all thanks to modern medicine. Hurray for Leonardo da Vinci!

Now it’s on to the episode as Nobunaga, together with Jeanne and Kenshin surprisingly, went to Yomotsuhirasaka and obtain power from dragons.

However, it’s not that easy to obtain since they’re venturing in the land of the dead and they might not come back.

Just ask Nobunaga where he’s confronting a dragon that represents the suffering of his people, plus Nobukatsu and his father Nobuhide. Lately, he’s blinded by hatred and thus he might obtain power to destroy heaven and earth, not unifying it.

Oh, and as for Kenshin Uesugi, I think he’ll be stuck there in the underworld. Obtaining power for yourself in order to become stronger was a bad idea!

Likewise, Jeanne has some tribulation of her own such as the usual “bringer of misfortune”, “demon-possessed”, and the like.

Look Jeanne, you have to accept the prophecies ’cause Nobunaga is here with you. And speaking of Jeanne, the scenes depicting her being tortured while on the nude are being blasted by white and glittering plot beams.

I’m not gonna post those ’cause it’s tempting me to watch the Bluray version. Satelight should have used Barbie Doll Anatomy (Thanks, TV Tropes!) instead as demonstrated by No Game No Life Episode 6… Well, except for WHITE ALBUM 2!

While they’re confronting their tribulations at Yomotsuhirasaka, Mitsuhide is casting doubt on Nobunaga, whether he’ll become the Savior-King or become the Destroyer-King. Also, pay attention to Satelight’s interpretation of Da Vinci’s Last Supper ’cause you might know that it’s either related to the plot or they’re just interested in the code.

Now back to Mitsuhide as I have a feeling that he’ll become Judas Iscariot. Yet, Mitsuhide has a chance to change his destiny instead of killing Nobunaga just like his past life. C’mon Mitsu, change your destiny while you still can!

With that said, that’ll be it for Episode 19 as Nobunaga and Jeanne returned to Owari alive. Oh, and Nobunaga successfully gained the power of the dragons from Yomotsuhirasaka. Well, he’s destined to obtain their power except for Kenshin!

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