Black Bullet Episode #07

It’s a shower of angst in a public bathhouse for Rentaro. Not only he has to deal with Tina Sprout…

…but his partner Enju will be out for 2 days. Good thing Tina didn’t kill her outright, or Rentaro will be ballistic!

And so, Rentaro Satomi will handle Tina Sprout and protect Seitenshi-sama like Jack Bauer. So for those who try to interfere his mission, stay away or he’ll snap your neck off and devastate you!

Here, this unlucky individual is getting on Rentaro’s nerves. Therefore, Rentaro shot his right arm with Varanium bullets. Serves him right for being an asshole secret service agent!

As for the battle against Tina Sprout, Rentaro Satomi gave his all claim victory, and he almost died if his Varanium limbs are not working properly.

And the best part after the battle, Tina was not killed fortunately enough…

…which is a good thing ’cause you know that she’s the cutest loli ever other than Enju!

With that, the assassination threat is over and Seitenshi-sama rewarded Rentaro a rank-up, which he and Enju move up to the 300 range. However, the mystery regarding President’s Saitake’s involvement with the assassination still remains.

Maybe next time, Rentaro will ask Tina’s former master Ayn Rand directly about his connection with President Saitake… if he dares!

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