Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #07

This episode is brought you by some dude who gives Chaika Trabant and her saboteur bodyguards some information. Then again, let’s call him Guy for simplicity sake… or it’s just that he doesn’t have a name!

Anyways, Chaika, Tohru, and Akari are back on finding Emperor Gaz’s remains for the sake of giving the former emperor a proper funeral.

With that said, they found this hero named Simon Scania, deep within the Valley of No Return. As you can see, he’s old, senile, and he’s bitter that his friend Marco, his wife, and the rest of the Koenigsegg Empire betray him.

What a poor guy Simon was after slaying Emperor Gaz. He should deserve better than being stuck in the valley for the rest of his life! Oh well, better nab Emperor Gaz’s remains before Simon gets cranky!

Speaking of cranky, he’s responsible for killing dozens of hapless people by making an illusion-making machine. Come to think of it, Tohru isn’t surprised that this illusionary Chaika is speaking like a normal person.

Then again, he was saved by Akari, Frederica, and the real Chaika afterwards. Sorry Simon, but putting those adventurers into your shoes and remind them what you’ve been through won’t work!

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