No Game No Life Episode #07

If you want your hair to be smooth and smells great like a Flugel, try Jibril’s Spiritwater Blend Shampoo.

Please note that you should apply it yourself without any help from Jibril. Sorry Jibril, but Shiro can wash her hair by herself!

Now on to the episode as Blank are searching ways to beat the Warbeasts now that they have access to Jibril’s library.

Unfortunately, not a single clue was found since those Warbeasts erase the losers’ memories so cut with the Gendou pose there, Sora. You and your sister are already screwed!

But luckily, seems that Stephanie Dola-emon’s grandfather has some clues left behind to beat them despite losing eight times.

Way to go there, former king of Elkia. However, you’re still a foolish king for being a rambling gambler old guy, and you almost lost your memories and become senile!

Anyways, let’s end this post with the return of Kurami and her elf partner Feel Nilvalen! Then again, she’s a bit stupid, believing that Blank is being backed up by a stronger race.

Fuck it Kurami, Sora and Shiro doesn’t need someone’s help to win a game… They’re powerful on their own!

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