Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode #08

Oh look, it’s Akira-san and she going to do something dastardly at the beginning on this episode…

She’s going to shank both Ruko and Yuzuki and scar their faces! Unfortunately for Aki-lucky, one police officer spotted her and decides to call off her killing spree.

Sorry Aki-lucky… You maybe lost your modeling career, but you can’t escape justice and cruel punishment!

Anyway, it’s time for Yuzuki to conquer destiny as she becomes the newest Eternal Girl after winning countless battles! Well, that’s good for her but unfortunately it doesn’t seem right after making her wish come true.

Sure that Yuzuki will have incest, but it seems that there’s a side-effect on becoming an Eternal Girl…

And that’s becoming a LRIG for the rest of her life, meaning that Yuzuki and her LRIG Hanayo switched places. So much for the twincest if that happens!

But that’s another surprised from a card game anime by J.C.Staff, who tries their best on making the viewers suffer by trapping players and turning them into cards!

Hell, even Hitoe is afraid that it’s escalating faster than expected! Sorry Hitoe, but you’ll experience pain once again when you’ve partner up with Yuzuki! I blame you WIXOSS for making the girls suffer, except for Iona and Chiyori.

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