Captain Earth Episode #08

Isn’t it great that Hana and Akari can become gorgeous girls when wearing a formal dress.

I guess it’s a surprise there for both Daichi and Teppei, although calling Daichi as Captain will tire him over, but eventually get used to being called as the captain.

So, the Kill-T Gang has lost their Machine Goodfellows after last week’s episode. What will Amara and Moco do when they don’t have mechas to invade Earth? Find their fellow allies being scattered around Japan, of course.

Anyways, this is Zin and he’s a designer child like the rest of Kill-T Gang. At first, he’s just a dealer since Zin dropped out of school because of his two friends.

But once Amara and Moco came to bring him back up to Kill-T Gang, Zin became a psychopath. Just a kiss from Moco will flip his switch and you got yourself a Kill-T Gang member!

Meanwhile, this week’s mecha battle is amazing to watch as the core unit of the Earth Engine called “Ordinary” is put into action, other than becoming a catalyst for the bigger version of the Earth Engine. As expected from BONES, there’s no slouching when it comes to fight scenes!

Anyways, now that Kill-T Gang has three members, things will get messy from now on!

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