Puella Magi Madoka Magica Film Trilogy

Being a Puella Magi is suffering…

It’s been a long time since Madoka Magica aired back in 2011. Sure that it’s depressing thanks to Gen Urobuchi, but that’s how it became popular! Well, don’t even ask why Madoka won Saimoe 2013… It’s a farce by the way!

Regardless, SHAFT decides to make a film trilogy to bankroll on their greatest franchise ever by making movies! Oh, and always remember Kyubey, who stares at your soul with those beady eyes

So, the first two movies is a recap of the TV series with little to no new footage featured. Well, if there is some new footage, it’ll probably used for deranged scenes like witches appearing out of nowhere!

But still, you’ll probably remember those scenes. From Mami being eaten by Charlotte…

…to Sayaka’s fall from grace and the eventual hopeless rescue by none other than Kyouko. My condolences, Sayaka Miki.

Yes, you’ll remind you of those days being suffered as you see girls losing hope, all while cursing Kyubey to death. But that’s the beauty of Madoka Magica despite echoing its depressing tone while mixing with Ume Aoki’s cute character design.

And that’s Madoka Magica. As the rest of history shows, it became from a sleeper-hit into a franchise on its own. I guess it’s time to close this one out as Madoka says goodbye to Homura one last time, become a goddess and bringing hope to everyone.

But wait, I’m not gonna close this one out with just two movies!

In fact, SHAFT made another film that follows shortly after the TV series, or I should say the first two recap movies. This includes new characters like this girl voiced by Kana Asumi. I guess the Hidamari Sketch quartet are finally reunited.

Oh yeah, this third film called Rebellion is all about Homura protecting Madoka’s newly-created universe against demons or wraiths, as I discussed it back then at the end of Episode 12.

However, the world isn’t made from Madoka’s god-like powers as I thought it would be. Okay, scratch that! The new world was still created by Madoka, and demons replaced witches as enemies for those magical girls to fight on and ascended to a higher place.

Instead, it was revealed that Kyubey trapped Homura in an illusion world, adding twists and there from the beginning such as implanting fake memories, continuing their normal lives without despair.

If you notice that little critter there other than Kyubey, that one is revealed none other than Charlotte, or Bebe as it was called by its master Mami. Oh, and top it all up, that new character voiced by Kana Asumi? It was Bebe (or Charlotte) all along!

Lastly, it was revealed that it’s not Kyubey threatening Madoka’s newly-created world, but rather it was Homura becoming the greatest threat ever faced that it’s closer to a demon lord like Satan or Lucifer. Oh, and it’s not despair that change Homura into a goddess of evil, it was just selfish love that made her rewriting the world once again. Wow, what a twist!

Now for the production aspect of the third film, SHAFT crank their deranged animation up to eleven this time. After all, the world is made by illusion!

The music is so blissful thanks to Yuki Kaijura. Unfortunately, putting graceful music to a depressing event is unsettling. Way to go SHAFT, way to go…

There’s nothing more to say on the production value of Rebellion. After all, there’s no denying that SHAFT step up their A-Game for making it epic!

And that’s about it for Puella Magi Madoka Magica Film Trilogy. As far as I’m concerned, that twist ending makes me wanting more. But only time will tell if SHAFT would make a sequel to this anime franchise.

For now, enjoy this not-so Gainax ending by Homura Akemi. Always clap your hands and shout “Congratulations!” for this love-obsessed goddess of evil!

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