Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #08

Oh Nanami, you sure are irritated that you’re lonely again. I wonder why she’s angry and wishing to be there?

Well, it could be that Souta’s party are hanging out at Akane’s mansion…

…and playing pillow fight under the- Wait, is that a Souta dakimakura!? Damn Akane, that’s so hardcore!

And that’s how Nanami got pissed and decided to invite them to her kingdom called Bladefield, which you won’t find it anywhere around the world.

Oh, and as for Mei, she still tags along with Souta because of Kurumiko, despite losing her memories regarding the secrets of the world.

On the other hand, this episode introduces Nanami’s little sister, or rather the 14th princess of the Bladefield family.

Her name is Haqua Berserker Bladefield (Man, what’s with the strange middle name anyway?), and while she won’t be included in Souta’s party, Haqua will be important for the next arc.

Speaking of Haqua, she’s being attacked by a Ruri Ninjabayashi… clone! Okay, it’s not the real Ruri Ninjabayashi, but the bottom line is that she’s an assassin (or ninja) and she’s going to kill Haqua and even Nanami too.

Only the real Ruri can defeat her clone! Scratch that, she can’t do it because Ruri is in nendoroid form. Oh well, might as well run far away as they can, and maybe that clone will get struck by some metal post or something to disable it.

Anyways, looks like it’s gonna be crazy in Bladefield Kingdom next week! As for Ruri, I hope she comes back with her original body.

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