Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #20

Hey Mitsu, have you seen a ghost or you saw Nobunaga’s dragons? But anyways, it’s four episodes to go on this anime as the invasion from the West goes into full-scale.

Speaking of full-scale invasion, King Arthur’s real face as seen by Alexander from Episode 17, wasn’t his real face after all.

In fact, he’s just using his face-shifting powers to brainwash the members of the Round Table…

…including Gaius Julius Caesar, who used him to draw Excalibur from the stone and strike it down to Yomotsuhirasaka’s sacred place, the Ama-no-Hashidate or Stairway to Heaven. Thus, Yamatai is fallen and it’s time to rain down terror to the Star of the East.

Still, I hope Caesar will snap out of it ’cause I believe that King Arthur is deceiving everyone. He might be the true Destroyer-King instead.

Oh yes, and there’s the fight between Alexander and Nobunaga. However, it seems that the Fool of Owari didn’t completely beat Alexander despite receiving the dragons’ power.

Sorry Nobu, but you need to become stronger even at the cost of your organic parts!

Just ask Hideyoshi, who has returned and he’s a cyborg just like Rentaro Satomi. Unlike Rentaro however, Hideyoshi doesn’t need to shower in angst to become stronger, so kudos to you Monkey for showing how it’s done!

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