Black Bullet Episode #08

Rentaro as a teacher? What could possibly go wrong…

And now, we start for another day at Tokyo Area. Unfortunately, the anger of the citizens (with some added bigotry) grow strong everyday since they still won’t accept the Cursed Children as their own!

But hey, there are some people like Rentaro accept these girls as their siblings, friends, and life-long partners if they can live enough.

Just ask Enju and Tina about it, and it shows that they’re living the good life with Rentaro and Kisara. Not to mention that they’re cute too, cosplaying as their favorite characters from the Tenchu Girls series!

Oh BTW, there’s another threat brewing up outside of Tokyo Area as the Varanium monoliths are being withered away by a special Stage Four Gastrea called Aldebaran.

In order to stop Aldebaran on its tracks (Hopefully…) while another Varanium monolith is being constructed, Rentaro will have to assemble a team of civil officers and go into a dangerous battle.

So far, Rentaro recruited the Katagiri siblings, Tamaki and Yuzuki. However, he has to recruit more for next week’s episode… or maybe Rentaro already assembled a team at the end of this episode. So, let’s pray that they won’t get fucked up when Aldebaran comes to town!

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