Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #09

What can I say, Mayumi Saegusa is the best girl ever graced on this week’s episode!

Apart from having Kana Hanazawa voicing the student council president, Mayumi is so cute that it’s a change of pace from Miyuki all the time.

Oh, and speaking of Miyuki, she’s still at odd with some members of her family for dissing her dear brother. Yeah, can’t blame the Yotsuba clan for being douchebags at each other.

But hey, at least she’s not gonna worry about family issues for now. I mean, seeing Miyuki’s face when she’s with her brother, makes me want to giggle a bit!

Anyways, it’s off to the Nine Schools Competition next week! However, it seems that the First High School representatives are having a hard time stopping an incoming vehicle, let alone prevent an unwanted accident!

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