Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #09

For goodness sake Megu, please try to wear something manly so you won’t get dragged and dress as a bride!

Hell, even the rest of Souta’s party are surprised, yet jealous that they want to be Souta’s bride. Whatever…

Anyways, this episode is somewhat of a shocker ’cause a new king has emerged in the kingdom of Bladefield.

This guy is named Prince Elia, who is somewhat of a parent to both Haqua and Nanami. However, he’s a jerkass schemer who somewhat plotted the assassination of his father, thus taking the throne as the new king.

Oh, and it was revealed that Prince, or King Elia is the real father of both Haqua and Nanami. However, he’s just bluffing!

Also, it looks like this masked figure from Episode 4 has finally appeared in front of Souta. Her name is Number Zero, and she’s Mei’s superior who discusses Souta that she’s responsible for attacking the princesses last week.

She also discussed about Souta’s death flag, which relates to a Bladefield legend about two princesses defeating an army of demons, all while protecting the flag that symbolize the light.

At this point, it seems that the only thing Souta needs to do is to protect both Nanami and Haqua since they’re related to the legend. Oh, and one last thing to know about Number Zero… Number Zero is actually Souta’s long-lost big sister!

Yeah, it’s a shocking revelation, even Souta is not aware of it at the end of this episode. Maybe next time, Souta and his party might know what’s behind Number Zero’s mask.

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