Black Bullet Episode #09

Tina Sprout, I would like to meet you Dr. Sumire Muroto. Yeah, that creeps her out a bit!

Anyways, the biggest battle against Gastreas led by Aldebaran is fast approaching. But luckily, Rentaro got some more allies in the form of Midori Fuse and Shouma Nagisawa, respectively.

While I have a hunch that they’re responsible for killing a pair of civil officers in broad daylight, I guess that it won’t be the case since Shouma is a former Tendou-style practitioner, which treats both Rentaro and Kisara as friends.

And speaking of Kisara, she’s joining the fight too together with Tina Sprout. Sure that Tina can fight again, but now I’m worried about Kisara’s health since she needs periodic dialysis checkups.

Let’s hope that she won’t slow the team down next week and beyond. But on the other hand, I like having Yui Ogura and Shinichiro Miki on Black Bullet!

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