Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai.: The Movie

It’s been almost three years after the TV Series, and the best way to remember Ano Hana is a film that retells the story from a different perspective…

Then again, it’s a compilation of some of the best scenes from the TV Series.

So it’s been a year after Episode 11 and while the rest of the Super Peace Busters are returning back to their normal lives, they decided to remember Menma by making a letter to her, all while looking forward to the future.

For Jintan however, it was a complete transformation now that he’s breaking his shell and becoming optimistic little by little. He still needs to graduate though…

Now for the rest of the film. While it retells the story from beginning to end, mostly been made as flashbacks, there are some new footage like how Menma met Jintan and the rest of Super Peace Busters.

I guess that without Jintan, plus Poppo, Yukiatsu, Tsuruko and Anaru, she would be very apathetic to the world when she grows up. Thank you Jintan for making Menma as your friend!

Anyways, it’s a nostalgic trip where you relive those events from the TV series. Unfortunately, I’m slightly disappointed that ZONE didn’t contribute to the film, since they have disbanded again after releasing their last single back in 2012. Then again, it’s not a loss there since Galileo Galilei returned for another song.

But that’s about it for Ano Hana: The Movie. Like I said, it’s a nostalgic trip and you’ll find yourself crying inside once again.

As for Menma, I hope she’s reincarnated for a possible short epilogue in the future!

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