Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #09

Oh Vivi, you sure want Gillette-sama to notice you… Too bad that’s he’s occupied with things like Chaika and the Gaz Empire, so sorry for letting your hopes down!

So the next episode will move to something serious (Finally!) as Chaika Trabant and her two saboteur bodyguards move to Duke Garvarni’s domain in search for Emperor Gaz’s remains, plus some magic fuel for their vehicle and Chaika’s Sniper Gundo. Oh, and Gillette’s team will be there too.

Oh yes, and as for this episode… It’s an origins episode where it tells Tohru and Akari’s story of how they became saboteurs. Sure that Tohru is stronger thanks to his rigorous training, but he was once not fit to being a saboteur.

But thanks to a peddler named Hasumin that he become the person that is today. Too bad that he won’t be seeing Hasumin because she was killed by bandits when he was a child. Poor Tohru…

Anyways, it’s off to Duke Garvarni’s domain on the next episode. Oh, and about Duke Garvarni’s domain… It was rumored to have a floating fortress there!

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  1. edoroshi says:

    Floating fortress..

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