No Game No Life Episode #09

Everything feels black and white there…

On the other hand, where the hell is Sora!? Is the Eastern Federation decides to eliminate his existence before the big game? Shiro feels extremely lonely without Sora-nii!

Well, it was found out that Sora is playing a game of Reversi (or Othello) with someone…

…like Kurami and her elf partner Feel. Well, nothing dramatic happening on this game. They’re just betting on their existence (plus memories) WHICH IS DAMN SERIOUS!

Jeez Sora, are you bluffing those two by letting them win, only to psyche them by winning the game for real? You know what Sora, you should have your little sister with you when playing high-stakes games!

But anyways, Sora made it through and won against Kurami! And he’s back too, so hurray!!!

Oh, and as for Kurami… It seems that she’ll disappear now that she lost the game.

Nah, just kidding! She’s alive and Feel is happy that Kurami has returned. What do you expect, murdering the losing player? Can’t do that in Disboard!

Anyways, looks like Blank has Kurami and Feel as allies! Good job on the monochrome feel on the first part by the way, Madhouse!

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