Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #09

Well look what we have here… Seems that Cocoa-san met Chino’s grandfather before passing away!

Then again, she doesn’t remember it at all as well as Tippy. Oh, and she’s just dreaming…

Speaking of Tip- I mean, Chino’s grandfather, seems that Aoyama-san is having a slump that she decides to quit her novelist career (for now) and become a barista. And Aoyama is doing this for Chino’s grandfather, who is already passed away.

Then again, his soul currently resides in Tippy. Hey Aoyama-san, he’s still there looking at you with his shaggy face…

Oh, and he’s giving you your precious fountain pen with his (or her) puppy dog eyes! See, Chino’s grandfather is still generous for Aoyama-san that he actually talks to her… unless she’s having an acid trip!

But anyways, Aoyama is back as a novelist and she crack up a new bestseller, using caffeine-hyped Sharo-chan as a model!

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