Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode #10

Accepting the hand truth and not telling it to the Selectors is a hard pill to swallow. But if you want to be free outside, you’ll have to deceive Selectors and turn them into LR- I mean, Eternal Girls!

Speaking of Eternal Girls, isn’t that Kyubey? Oh wait, that’s Mayu and she won’t tell the main cast what lies ahead!

So it seems that Yuzuki the LRIG is having doubts on whether to save Hitoe for having the worst fate or not. But quite frankly, Hitoe can become friends… as a LRIG!

Meanwhile, Iona has decided to call all Selectors, masquerading as a fan gathering. I have a feeling that both Iona and Ruuko will kill them all until they become the remaining Selectors left!

Well, good luck killing magical duelists in the penultimate episode next week! Oh, and kudos to the #Selector hashtag for attracting real-life duelists too!

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