Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episodes #01 – #04

Oh look, it’s a girl who is already dead…

I know that’s it’s already late, but why not blog this anime while Spring 2014 is still running! Anyways, I’ll be doing a marathon on Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin before it finishes. Wish me luck!

So the story goes when new tenant Juugo Yama met Nanana Ryuugajou as he sets on living by himself on Nanae Island. See, he can’t touch her hand, but Nanana can!

For the rest of the story, it’s just his daily life living with a ghost from 10 years ago. Yeah, nothing unusual happening except that she was killed by a criminal, who is still at large to this day.

Then again, I take it back as it has detectives like Tensai Ikyuu and her assistant Daruku Hoshino. They’re here to apprehend criminals, especially thieves!

By the way, Daraku is a guy so thank Kana Hanzawa for voicing traps now!

Anyways, the real premise is to find Nanana’s buried treasure across Nanae Island, as well as finding the criminal who killed Nanana-san 10 years ago. That task would be handled by Yuugo-kun and his friends like Tensai-chan, so good luck with that!

Oh, and Yuugo will have to deal crazy people other than criminals such as this bastard of the Adventure Club president Isshin Yuiga, who wants to take over the world using the power of Nanana’s treasure collection.

Yeah, there are crazy people out there who want their mitts on those treasures. Too bad that Yuugo-kun should have punched this guy instead of hesitating. But hey, at least that cane was returned back.

On the other hand, it was revealed that Yuugo ran away to Nanae Island is because not only his father is a jerkass, but a leader of thieves too. No wonder Yuugo want to be at peace and spend his senior year in High School in Nanae Island without a hitch.

Still, he can’t run away with danger. Thanks to his father’s connection, Yuugo can interact with fellow thieves without being killed like Yukihime Fugi…

…as well as Shuu Todomatsu, who unfortunately branded him as pathetic apart from making disguises!

So with that said, I hope that I might catch up on this anime series. For some reason, I like Tensai-chan over Nanana because Tensai can move everywhere while Nanana is bound to her room, playing games and eating pudding!

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