Captain Earth Episode #10

Let’s go straight away on this week’s episode as it introduces Lin, the speed junkie…

…and the newest member of the Planetary Gears called Kill-T Gang. Unfortunately for Daichi, it was not his lucky day as he failed to stop Lin from activating her Machine Goodfellow.

Therefore, Globe is fucked up when you don’t have Earth Engine around to save the day. That’s it, Kill-T Gang wins this round!

However, it seems that Teppei Arashi decides to become useful again with his brand-spanking new mecha. I’m not kidding, he’s now have a Livlaster on his hand and it’s fully-functional!

Enter the Nebula Engine, where it was believe to be constructed from the Machine Goodfellow Albion. But hey, at least Teppei defeated Lin without any incident on the Nebula Engine. Kudos to BONES once again for returning those big mecha battles on this episode!

Anyways, it’s off to next week. And as far as I know, I think Setsuna would be next to join Kill-T Gang.

All I can say is that Setsuna will be the evil counterpart to Hana since she has a familiar of her own!

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