Mekaku City Actors Episode #09

Well, it’s time for a flashback episode to make sense of what’s happening around this Kagerou Project anime. I guess Hibiya will have to find Hiyori next week… Maybe not!

Anyways, this is the story of how Ayano found the darkest truth behind those children having eye-based powers. Oh, and she started it after her mother died in a landslide.

Now remember the fairy tale about a monster having a family at the end of every ending sequence? It was actually related to it where that monster is giving her powers to everyone when facing death.

Well, this includes Mr. Tateyama surprisingly enough. I guess he was caught in a landslide together with Ayano’s mother. And guess what? He got the same predicament as the rest of the Mekakushi Gang, only that he’s a bit sinister when having powers of his own!

By the way, it was also confirmed that Mr. Tateyama was involved on activating Takane and Haruka’s powers through modification.

I guess that it’s getting more sense now that the clues are being connected, so thank you SHAFT for not giving those curveballs to anime viewers like me!

On the other hand, there was another reveal to what have happened regarding Takane’s body. As revealed by Shuuya Kano…

…her body was suspended to a cylinder, hidden beneath their school building. Well, that’s so surprising! Now if only there’s a way to put Ene’s soul to her body. I guess it’s up to Mekakushi Gang to figure it out!

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