Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 Episode #10

So after last week’s episode, μ’s have decided to celebrate by pounding some hot rice cakes…

…because they made it through the next round. Speaking of μ’s, what happened to A-RISE?

Well, it was found out that they lost to our protagonists fair and square. I guess that there’s no hard feelings for their loss.

Not only that, it’s a graceful way let μ’s take the center stage. Kudos to the 100% effort, A-RISE.

Now, it’s getting more interesting as μ’s will have to reach greater heights in the national stage as Tokyo representatives.

Yeah, it’s going to be big with their reputation on the line. But why do they need to worry when μ’s are doing their best to grow together and make their dreams come true. That’s what describes them when they’re on the roll!

So with that said, good luck to the national finals of the Love Live! School Idol competition, μ’s!

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