Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #22

Well Mitsuhide, I know that Ichihime’s death is a tragic one, but blaming him won’t solve it…

Oh, and don’t try to ask King Arthur either ’cause he’s a prick and he’ll brainwash you so that Nobunaga will be killed!

Fuck it Mitsuhide, you’re going to follow your tragic fate just like the original!

Speaking of King Arthur, it seems that he’s replacing his fallen brothers and sisters of the Round Table with robotic clones, which is very chilling to see.

Heck, even Brutus was replaced too. Don’t know what happened to him after last week’s episode, but I guess he’s not that important!

Still, I feel that next week would build up into a downer ending for Episode 24! All I can say is screw you King Arthur, I think you’re a robot beneath that mask of yours!

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