Little Busters! “Not EX” Episode #04.5

Today is another Little Busters! OVA. Only this time, it’s not about the extra characters, it’s about battles!

Yeah, this is the main premise of Little Busters!, yet it wasn’t used in the TV series in favor of the plot.

So with that said, it’s Riki and the rest of the Little Busters! battle it out to become the number one Little Buster in the whole school campus! And yes, their weapons are vary from electric yo-yos…

…to industrial-strength glue wielded by Riki-kun. Sorry Kud-chan, I guess you can’t get out of that sticky mess of his!

Oh yes, there’s fanservice for this special episode. After all, Key did make a R-18 version of Little Busters so it’s a given that there’s boob grabbing and stuff.

However, there’s no actual nudity so you’ll have to play the visual novel as a substitute.

And that’s the special OVA of Little Busters! Join us next time as Riki will have to score both Sasami Sasasegawa and Kanata Futaki.

Oh, and by the way… That’s Kyousuke behind that mask!

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