Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #10

Today’s episode, Chaika Trabant, Tohru, Akari, and Frederica (finally!) are trying to infiltrate Duke Garvarni’s domain, specifically his floating fortress Soara which consumes more magic fuel than any Gundo nor vehicle around the continents.

However, it’s not easy to invade a flying fortress and get Emperor Gaz’s remains when you have mechanized soldiers defending it. Definitely not good!

Meanwhile, this episode introduces new characters like this guy here named Richard, the son of Duke Garvarni.

Unfortunately, Richard is a psychopath who killed the Duke and his family for the lulz, while using Akari as bait and brainwashed assassin to kill Tohru and Chaika Trabant. Oh, and another note… he likes to dissect girls too!

There’s also Layla, who slightly resembles Chaika beneath that veil, and she can speak clearly than any of the Chaika clones. Sadly, she dupe Tohru so she can nab Chaika Trabant away from him. You should have stick together, Tohru!

Anyways, there’s two more episodes to go before the second half starts at Fall 2014…

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Yup. I saw Richard being a total psychopath the moment he began licking Akari’s blood off his dagger. Not very normal.

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