No Game No Life Episode #10

Anyways, it’s time for some introduction ’cause it would be rude to call Kurami as “DFC Cheater” and Fil as “Elven-Tits” when the game starts.

Oh, and it looks like Jibril has some reconciliation to do with the elves! Then again, Jibril is such as masochistic curious angel!

So, it’s time for the main event where Blank, Steph, and Jibril take on Izuna in a high-stakes video game duel!

Oh, and as for the video game itself, it’s so advanced that neither Imanity nor the other races can replicate it…

Unfortunately, it seems that Sora and Shiro’s spirits went down once they realized that Tokyo will be their battleground… and they’re fuckin’ anthropophobic!

But hey, the good thing is that they can buy stuff in Akihabara without going outside for real. Then again, it’s just that either those Warbeasts one-up them or just they’re otakus.

Anyways, two episodes to go… and I have a feeling that this won’t go well next week and after!

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