Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Maya and Megu, back once again! This time, they’re going to stay at Chino’s house for a sleepover after Cocoa-san leaves for a overnight study session at Chiya’s house.

Unfortunately for Chino-chan, it feels weird without Cocoa around after getting used to her behavior. Heck, Chino misses her big sister that she made lots and lots of hot chocolate. I guess Rize is right that she has Cocoa-sickness!

By the way, what happened to Cocoa?

Well, it was found out that she’s working at Ama Usa An for the time being. But you know what, she supposed to hit the books, not doing waitress work!

Oh wait, Cocoa is hitting the books and study hard. But then again, I think she needs some attention, especially when Sharo-chan is tutoring her!

Well then, that’s it for Episode 10. As for Rize-chan however, I think cutting bangs is not the latest fad in GochiUsa!

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