Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episodes #09 and #10

Oh look, it’s that girl/future novelist from earlier episodes. I believe her name is Yurika Yumeji.

Sadly, she’s not important for this episode. Oh, and Yun-chan… Don’t look at Juugo, it’s dirty and pervy!

As for Nanana, she’s doing her usual gaming routine… This time with visual novels!

So, let’s go to the final stretch of Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin!

While I don’t see Hiiyo Ikusaba as the main perpetrator to the murder of Nanana-san yet due to time difference (unless there’s a treasure that can go back in time), it seems that he wants to get his hand on Nanana’s treasure collection while sacrificing one or two accomplices behind.

This includes Saki “Yun” Yoshino, in which she got androphobia thanks to Ikusaba. However, it seems that she didn’t met him before. Better yet, I believe that she was secretly been used by Ikusaba, masking a treasure hunt as a high-risk, high-reward job.

Regardless, good thing Tetsu is here to protect Yun. However, he’s not good enough to beat Ikusaba. Moving on…

So, for the two penultimate episodes before the big finale, the Adventure Club continues to find Nanana’s treasure collection and find out the secret behind her death. Oh, and this treasure is dangerous that Nanana advised Juugo not to use it.

Even more so for Hiiyo Ikusaba as he’s going to get it after he beat everyone up and die. Yeah, it’s gonna suck for the Adventure Club!

Luckily, somebody decides to fight back by giving not one smashing kick by Juugo…

…but a wallop by Ibara-sempai! Thinking that Ikusaba is confident about using one of Nanana’s treasure, hits him pretty hard now that its weakness was shown.

Unfortunately, seems that Ikusaba has one last laugh as he busted one of Juugo’s lungs out of nowhere. I don’t know if Ikusaba has another treasure up on his sleeve, but next week is going to be one hell of an ending!

As for Juugo, I think he’ll be fine… After all, he’s trained to be the best thief in the world!

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