Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode #11

You know, I wish this show would be like this. But alas, it would be just another slice-of-life anime made by J.C.Staff, which Takara-Tomy doesn’t like.

By the way, this girl from last week’s episode might be pivotal in the finale and possibly the second half in Fall 2014!

So on this episode, it’s the battle-royale of all Selectors where only the strongest will face Iona and become the Eternal Girl.

For Ruko, she has decided to become like Madoka and change the rules of the Selectors. However, said wish would not work as it’s impossible to change the rules as Selectors are needed to become LRIGs… unless said LRIGs are special that they’re not born from Selectors. Oh yes, and there’s no time loop to gather all energy to grant one big wish!

With that being said, it’s gonna be a hefty load of guessing on next week’s episode. For now, Ruko and Tama will have no other choice…

…but to face Hitoe and Yuzuki in order to advance to the next round. One thing is clear, it’s going to be painful to watch!

As for Iona and her LRIG Ulith, they’re waiting for the victor… unless Akira stab her before it happens.

By the way, I know that Chiyori is prominent in the promotional picture of WIXOSS before the her debut in Episode 6, but it seems that J.C.Staff totally forgot about her… unless she’s the final obstacle after the fight between Ruko and Hitoe. I’ll be surprised if she was the winner of the tournament and become the Eternal girl, but that’s up to J.C.Staff!

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