Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #11

Oh Mikihiko, I know that you’re still recovering with your magic strength, but when it comes to subduing terrorists… you need a helping hand like Tatsuya!

Speaking of terrorists from last week, they came from an organization called No-Head Dragons which are based in China. Not surprising as Mahouka is all about the Yamato spirit which angers some of its neighbors.

But anyways, the Nine Schools Competition has officially begun. So while the First High School will be the favorites, it seems that the Third High School will be the biggest threat when Masaki is around!

But hey, at least Saegusa-sempai is amazing. After all, she’s the Elfin Sniper, and a student council president to boot! Of course, Tatsuya will be the main focus after Mayumi when he’s forced to become a competitor rather a magic engineer.

Regardless, there’s more to come next week… just hoping that the No Head Dragons won’t crash the competition for reals this time!

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