Mekaku City Actors Episode #10

Here’s another flashback episode that fleshes out more on the plot. This time, it’s the snake monster/Medusa named Azami.

Well, if you’re paying attention to those fairy tale stories at the end of every episode, you know that she and her family won’t be living happily ever after…

With Azami stuck in her own domain for eternity, only her daughter Shion and Marry survived. However, Shion would die too after using her powers to protect Marry from asshole monster hunters. Yeah, it goes to show that humanity are bastards!

Regardless, Azami’s curse still stands as she can’t control all of powers spreading out to people like Marry, Shintaro, and the rest of the Mekakushi Gang. However, there is still a way to stop the curse if the gang could figure it out!

But anyways, next week will return to the present. On the other hand, seems that Marry finally met Konoha after so long. Still, she needs to drag him out and help the rest of the gang!

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