Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #11

So, here’s the new character introduced last week. Her name is Serika Gin’yuuin, and she’s a famous idol. Given her occupation, I think she’s not the cleric Souta is looking for…

But hey, the fact that he saved Serika back then, deserves a place in Souta’s party… as a bard instead.

It’s sucks that he didn’t find his cleric, but who cares when Souta has a beautiful bard whose voice needs to tweak a little bit. I’m looking at you, Aoi Yuuki!

Oh, and it seems that Nanami is pissed that Souta met Serika before. Oh by the way, Nanami is a idol otaku just to let you know!

Regardless, it’s a good thing that Souta’s party is growing…

However, it seems that Souta’s party-growing adventure is over as Number Zero reveals to him that the world… is actually made by a network of super-computers, and all of the people are made by binaries which Souta’s meddling could bring his world down!

For goodness sake Number Zero- I mean, Souta’s long-lost big sister, how can you do this when he’s having fun until now? Now he’s leaving the world and his friends forgot that he existed! Well, except for Nanami fortunately enough!

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