Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #11

Even in Christmas, Cocoa wants Chino-chan to call her as “Onee-chan!”

But anyways, the penultimate episode brings you winter holidays! And while we’re at it, Cocoa-chan is planning to give Chino-chan a present…

…by becoming Santa Claus of the ninja kind! Okay, the ninja kind might scare a few kids, even Sharo-chan!

And speaking of Sharo-chan, she wants to attend a Christmas party, eat cake and turkey, and do all kinds of stuff until dawn instead of working until the evening.

Too bad for her as she’s poor and she needed some money for useful things like paying rent and food!

But hey, at least Sharo finally attends the party. Good for her!

With that said, Happy Holidays even though summer is coming up for 2014!

And as for Cocoa-san, good thing she finally give Chino-chan a present as Santa Claus. Aww, isn’t it sweet!

Anyways, next week will be the final episode… I’m going to miss GochiUsa!

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