Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode #12

All right, it’s time for the final episode of WIXOSS!

As for Hitoe and Yuzuki, I’m sorry but you have to lose for Ruuko’s sake! She’s going to fight against Iona and Ulith.

By the way, seems that Akira and Chiyori didn’t appear on this final episode!

Meanwhile, seems that Tama met Mayu somewhere, telling her that Ruuko’s wish is for her human friends and not Tama.

For some reason, Mayu is trying to become a douchebag like a bad boss! Speaking of bad boss, I hope she’ll explain everything once the second half starts.

Oh yeah, as for Tama… I guess she decides not to grant Ruuko’s wish and making her a LRIG. Damn you Mayu, what a scumbag Eternal Girl you are!

So with that, Ruuko is at a loss. Now, who’s going to win this battle?

It turns out, it’s Iona’s turn to fulfill her wish, thus winning the duel (It’s not really a duel, BTW!) against Ruko, which in turn making Tama disappear!

Damn, this is so depressing to watch Ruko’s LRIG disappear… Although for some reason, I wonder what Iona wished for?

Guess what? She became a LRIG for Ruuko, while Iona’s body was taken over by Ulith. Dammit, this is even more depressing to watch as the first half ends!

Now it seems that being a magical duelist… is suffering for Ruu-chan!

And that’s the end of the first half of WIXOSS! The second half will air in Fall 2014, titled “Selector Spread WIXOSS”. At this point, I’ll be calling the anime series as WIXOSS since I treated it as it was debuted in Spring, just like Valvrave in 2013.

Speaking of Valvrave, I feel that the ending of the first half is so twisty… that you wanna scream “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?” Anyways, see ya in Fall for WIXOSS Part 2!

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