Captain Earth Episode #12

Let’s start this episode with Hana giving Daichi a kiss. Although I don’t know if she did it, most of the cast like Akari and Teppei knew that Hana kissed Daichi on the lips! Don’t give the viewers some discretion, BONES!

Anyways, the final member of the Kill-T Gang has appeared. His name is Baku and he’s a fighter being bound by yakuza.

But hey, the only salvation he has is Kumiko, although she’s having bad dreams because of the Magus Incident. Don’t know if a designer child caused that incident.

Speaking of designer children, Amara, Moco, and Zin are here to capture Baku and return him to Kill-T Gang. Unfortunately like last episode, they failed to capture their fellow designer child.

Still, they are a threat as Zin demonstrates his powers to his former master. You know him as the casino boss, and unfortunately he died by impalement… or is it?

Anyways, looks like Kill-T Gang are having a hard time locating the last two members if it wasn’t for Daichi and the Midsummer Knights!

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