Little Busters! EX Episode #05

This episode starts with- Wait, BL already!? Why J.C.Staff, WHY!!!

Just kidding, it’s not about Riki getting macho with Masato. It’s all about the three extra heroines of Little Busters! Sorry Mio…

Anyways, this episode is the start of Sasami Sasasegawa’s story arc. And while she’s haughty towards Rin-chan, Sasami has a softer side… In fact, she likes cats, but she’s too shy about it!

However, it seems that showing affection to cats has a side-effect as Sasami transforms into a cat when she’s near to other people. Well, except for Riki as he can see Sasami in her human form!

See, Riki can view her clearly as a crystal! Also, when changing clothes, always lock the door if don’t want someone opening it. Oh well, it’s inevitable when you want some fanservice…

Anyways, next episode will be the last for Sasami’s story arc. As for Komari-chan, I think she can understand Sasami a little bit… until it was found out that she disappeared for some reason!

Oh, and by the way, I suspect that Sasami is a cat all along… C’mon, “A Sasami cat is fine too!” if you know what I mean.

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