Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #12

It’s the continuation of the Nine Schools Competition. And while Tatsuya won’t be participating the tournament as a player, at least he’s satisfied on being the team’s engineer.

Oh yeah, and he has free time like testing his new Sword CAD by Leo. You have to be impressed when Tatsuya is making something amazing!

On the other hand, there is trouble happening when Mari Watanabe crashed out the competition as she’s about to save a competitor from risking serious injury due to over-acceleration.

Although both competitors did get badly hurt, it was speculated that a third-party interfered the Battle Board competition without being detected. Still, it’s sucks that they’re out of the Battle Board final, especially for Mari Watanabe!

So in order to take the overall victory, I guess it’s time for First High School to step it up! Although the rookie matches worth less than the official matches, Tatsuya is doing his best to fine-tune the team’s CADs to victory, which includes Shizuku’s Rifle CAD for her Rookie Speed Shooting event.

Oh yes, and it seems that Miyuki will be the replacement for Mari in the Official Mirage Bat match. It’s gonna be exciting next week, but I feel that it won’t be smooth-sailing when you have terrorists and cheaters abound!

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