Mekaku City Actors Episode #11

Welcome to the penultimate episode of the Kagerou Project anime that is Mekaku City Actors. Oh, and there’s another insight regarding the plot. It turns out, Mr. Tateyama wanted to bring back his wife by gathering all of the children with powers and sacrificing them.

Oh, and Mr. Tateyama… It seems that he sold his soul to the snake of clearing eyes, and therefore Mr. Tateyama’s soul has disappeared.

Thanks to that reveal, there’s a reason why Ayano committed suicide, or rather swallowed up to the netherworld by a snake!

And you know what happened afterwards when Shintaro realized that Ayano is gone. But, the most surprising of all is Kano seeing his sister die and it wasn’t pretty to look at it!

Now moving on to the present as Momo and Kido finally caught up with Hibiya. However, they are capture by some random gang and put them in a SHAFT-style prison cell.

Who needs bars when you have reinforced glass to contain thugs and mutants!

But don’t worry, there is a plan on how to get out of the cell. Just let Momo sing and a mob will break them out!

Then again, it would be a long time to make a mob with just Momo’s attracting powers alone so it’s time for the rest of the Mekakushi Gang to save Kido, Momo, and Hibiya!

Curiously, I wonder how did Ene returned to her real body? Sure that Kido show Ene’s body back in Episode 9, but it seems that SHAFT didn’t explain how Kido did it? You failed me on explaining things, SHAFT!

In the end, the rest of the Mekakushi Gang saved Kido, Momo, and Hibiya. Not only that, but they’re mostly assembled! Still, I wonder where’s Shintaro when he’s needed the most?

Well, he’s busy finding Ayano for some reason. Don’t know why he has the motivation to find her where Ayano’s death caused him to become a hikikomori in the first place, but it’s a good thing that he’s doing it in order to look forward into the future.

Oh, and it seems that he finally found Ayano! Good for him, but I feel that the next episode will go downhill from there. After all, gathering all of the people with powers is Mr. Tateyama, or rather the Clearing Eyes Snake’s main objective.

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