Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #12

Number Zero, why are you being so cruel to your little brother? In any case, Souta has left his world in order to fight against Angelus Gemini from conquering all worlds!

Oh yes, and he’s using his death flag as a weapon. Awesome, but he’ll die faster!

Meanwhile, Nanami can’t believe that Souta is gone and everyone forgot about him. Poor girl, she knows about the flags and living without Souta is meaningless to her!

But that’s until she barged into his room, which then goes to another dimension thanks to Ruri.

Yeah, it seems that the Maid Ninja Robot stole Nanami’s first kiss, but I hope it’s not a big deal compared to other harem shows!

Continuing forward and it seems that Nanami met the unmasked version of Number Zero. For some reason, she look like our tsundere princess of Bladefield.

Anyway, her name is Nanami, surprisingly enough! And it was revealed that the current Nanami K. Bladefield, Number Zero, and this Nanami are originally as one person. Meaning to say is that Nanami K. Bladefield is actually living with little brother Souta all along.

So many revelations on this episode! And now, I feel that Number Zero needs to be stopped along with Angelus Gemini’s plan of world domination!

In any case, next week will be the last episode of Gaworare. As for Souta, he’s no longer need to fight alone…

That’s because Souta’s long-lost big sister, along with the rest of the party, will join him in battle.

By the way, it was found out that Kurumiko is actually the cleric so my bad for missing it out. On the other hand, adding Council President Mimori, “Old Lady” Tsumugi, and Homeroom Teacher/Main Character-in-another world Miyuki is a big surprise for next week’s finale. Wow, so many ass pulls on this penultimate episode!

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